$STONE: The Early Bird Sale

2 min readApr 25, 2023


We are only a couple days away from the early bird sale for $STONE, so let’s review some information:

Total Supply STONE: 666,666,666 STONE

Total Supply Available in the Early Bird Sale: 133,333,333 STONE

Price per STONE: US$ 0.00075 / STONE

Total Market Capitalization after Early Bird Sale: US$ 500,000.00

Now that we’ve reviewed the current numbers for $STONE, let’s talk about the actual early bird sale.

For this Early Bird Sale we want to avoid any DEX liquidity problem with any swap that may occur. Reason why we are implementing a vSTONE token, a voucher token, which will be used to redeem STONE a few hours before the public sale is done. The swap ratio between vSTONE and STONE will be 1:1

This early bird sale will be performed in our presale platform which will be launched the day of the sale in our official website.

Max. Cap per wallet: 3 ETH

Min. Cap: 0 ETH (No minimum)

Total Value for presale: 20% of the total supply

Every vSTONE still available at the end of the early bird sale will be burnt.

Here you may find the audit report regarding the vSTONE token that will be given for the presale.


Remember the early bird sale will only include the 20% of the token supply that will be sold at this stage. This is why the total supply of the vSTONE is 133,333,333 vSTONE.

The Early Bird Sale will take place on May 1st, at 11:00 a.m. UTC.


  1. Which wallet may I use for the Early Bird Sale?

A./ Currently we are optimizing the presale platform to work perfectly in browser-version with metamask-extension wallet.

2. What happens if there are still tokens left after the presale ends?

A./ These tokens will be burnt and reduced permanently from the total supply of STONE.

3. Will I receive $STONE tokens the day of the Early Bird Sale?

A./ No, you’ll receive a voucher token, ,vSTONE, which will allow you to redeem $STONE after the smart contract is completely auditted.

4. Why are we receiving a voucher token instead of the actual $STONE token?

A./ We want to avoid any DEX Liquidity Pair problem, this is why we want to avoid trading of the token until the IDO is done, ensuring there will be liquidity for the trades.

5. What happens if there are no tokens left to buy during the presale?

A./ No worries! There will be the public IDO (Initial DEX Offering), which will allow you to participate in the last sale before it’s publicly available.

6. When will the Early Bird Sale take place?

A./ Monday, May 1st at 11:00 a.m. UTC

7. In which blockchain will the presale/IDO take place?

A./ Ethereum Mainnet




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