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3 min readApr 19, 2023


The motive is here, we were ready to develop; but, as always, the numbers must work aswell. Reason why we are showing you the analysis over this all.

StoneSwap will have its own token called $STONE, $STONE will grant participants access to gain revenue from the fee model provided in the router structure of the DEX.

To participate you only have to stake your STONE into dSTONE.

Currently the platform structure works as the following:

0.3% fee given to Liquidity Providers

0.1% fee given to dSTONE holders a.k.a. STONE stakers.

And, if the pair doesn’t have any token associated to the contracts of CULT, RVLT or TRG:

0.1% additional fee to burn CULT/RVLT/TRG

For a better analysis let’s evaluate our counterpart, QuickSwap in Polygon, Statistical Values in different situations during the last 3 years.

For this analysis we’ll consider three scenarios: Full Bear Market (April 13th, 2023), Early Bull Market (Feb. 23th, 2021), and Full Bull Market (Nov. 12th, 2021)

First Case: Full Bear Market (April 13th, 2023)

Currently the volume is at its lowest, providing a average daily volume of aproximately US$ 3,000,000.00.

Fee revenue for dSTONE participants (daily): US$ 3,000.00

Fee revenue for dSTONE participants (yearly)*: US$ 1,095,000.00

Second Case: Early Bull Market (Feb. 23th, 2021)

The volume at this season was starting to increase, polygon starting to get noticed, without having a rapid increase of users. Average daily volume in this period was US$ 25,000,000.00.

Fee revenue for dSTONE participants (daily): US$25,000.00

Fee revenue for dSTONE participants (yearly)*: US$ 9,125,000.00

Third Case: Full Bull Market (Nov. 12th, 2021)

The volume at this point was at its highest, providing all-time-high daily volumes US$ 200,000,000.00 and giving an average daily volume of US70,000,000.00.

Fee revenue for dSTONE participants (daily): US$ 70,000.00

Fee revenue for dSTONE participants (yearly)*: US$ 25,550,000.00

*For an easier understanding the daily volume at that certain period of time was used as a constant to facilitate the evaluations

STONE Valuation

Now that we’ve seen the revenue model, let’s talk about $STONE valuation. For this analysis we will use our total supply with the full dilluted market capitalization.

Total Supply: 666,666,666 STONE

Price at Early Bird Sales: US$0.00075/STONE

Prica at IDO: US$0.001/STONE

Fully dilluted Market Capitalization @ Early Bird Sale: US$ 500,000.00

Fully dilluted Market Capitalization @ IDO: US$ 666,666.67

Now that we have a valuation let’s study each case again:

Let’s assume 70% of STONE is staked (Considering 30% of the total supply will be dedicated to Liquidity)

Total Market Capitalization of available STONE Staked @ IDO: US$466,666.67

dSTONE APR Analysis

First Case: Full Bear Market

Estimated Yearly Revenue: US$ 1,095,000.00

APR: 134.64%

Second Case: Early Bull Market

Estimated Yearly Revenue: US$ 9,125,000.00

APR: 1,855.36%

Third Case: Full Bull Market

Estimated Yearly Revenue: US$ 25,550,000.00

APR: 5,375.00%

CULT/TRG/RVLT Burn Analysis

Burn analysis is more complex considering the CULT, TRG and RVLT values at the moment, volume estimated, and estimation of pairs which won’t have any of the cult-ecosystem tokens associated.

For this case we will use present day values (April 13th, 2023), which as described before are at its lowest for daily trading volume and assuming the current CULT price.


  • 20% of the estimated trading volume will be with pairs not associated to CULT-ecosystem tokens

Today’s Values:

CULT Price: US$ 0.0000056

RVLT Price: US$ 0.000000054

TRG Price: US$ 0.00000031

Estimated Yearly Volume (Total): US$ 1,095,000,000.00

Estimated Yearly Volume (Non-Cult): US$ 219,000,000.00

Estimated Yearly Burn Fee: US$ 219,000.00

Burn Division per CULT/TRG/RVLT: US$ 73,000.00

CULT Burnt: 13,035,714,285 CULT

RVLT Burnt: 1,351,851,851,851 RVLT

TRG Burnt: 235,483,870,967 TRG


These values are taken from estimations and do not necessarily resemble the real situation. Estimations were made in order to have an idea of the potential of StoneSwap. This is not financial advice.




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